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Your Gateway to Dream Homes

Building your dream home in Southeast Florida can be a dream come true, but venturing into new construction without an expert by your side can be a recipe for hidden costs, missed opportunities, and potential headaches.


American Paradise Properties steps in as your trusted advisor from the get-go, ensuring your voice is heard and your interests are protected at every step, from the very first visit to the final handoff. Keep reading to find out more about how we navigate the complexities of new construction and empower you to turn your dream home into a reality, worry-free.

Construction Site
We can help you with building your new home.

Imagine yourself, full of excitement and a sprinkle of trepidation, dreaming of owning a brand new home in sunny Palm Beach. You've browsed online listings, but navigating the world of new construction can feel overwhelming. That's where an American Paradise Properties agent comes in, ready to be your friendly and knowledgeable guide.

Finding Your Dream Home

We start by listening attentively to your needs and desires. Do you crave a spacious family home with a backyard for barbecues? Or are you a young professional seeking a sleek, modern condo? Armed with your vision, an American Paradise Properties agent leverages their deep understanding of the local market and established relationships with major builders. Together, you explore various communities, considering factors like location, amenities, and proximity to work or loved ones.

Why Having Your Agent From the Start Matters:

You might be thinking, "The home price is the same whether I use a Realtor or not, so why bother?" Here's the key difference: While the base price may be fixed, having an American Paradise Properties agent by your side from the very first visit to any builder ensures you have expert representation looking out for your best interests.

The builder's rep naturally prioritizes the builder's goals. Having your own agent levels the playing field.

Think of it like having a trusted advisor present from the get-go. With their expertise, you can negotiate confidently, understand the complexities involved, and make informed decisions every step of the way. And, most builders will compensate us to help you. A WIN/WIN. So, don't go it alone! 

From Virtual Tours to Reality

Through virtual tours and in-person visits, your agent guides you through potential homes, pointing out features and offering valuable insights. They act as your sounding board, helping you weigh the pros and cons of each option and ensuring you find the perfect fit.

Negotiating Like a Pro

Once you've found your dream home, your agent steps into their negotiation powerhouse role. They meticulously review the purchase agreement, explaining every detail in layman's terms. Then, with their expertise and negotiation skills, they strive to secure the best possible price, closing cost concessions, and even explore potential builder incentives, like appliance upgrades or free landscaping.

Navigating the Paper Chase

The mortgage pre-approval process can feel confusing, but your American Paradise Properties agent doesn't leave you alone. They can connect you with trusted lenders who understand the intricacies of new construction financing. With your agent by your side, navigating the paperwork and navigating the closing process becomes a smooth and stress-free experience.

Beyond the Contract

Even after you've signed the contract, your agent's support continues. They act as a liaison between you and the builder, keeping you updated on construction progress and addressing any concerns that may arise. You can rely on them to be present during every allowable inspection. And to assist you in finding a certified home inspector, ensuring everything is in tip-top shape before you move in.

Finally, the New Beginning

The day arrives! With the keys ceremoniously in your hand, you stand in the doorway of your brand new home, a sense of accomplishment and pride washing over you. You've achieved your dream, and throughout the journey, American Paradise Properties was your trusted advisor, cheerleader, and expert guide. As you settle into your new haven, you can rest easy knowing that we will stand by you from now on.

You have an ally for life.

Buying a New Construction Home with
American Paradise Properties

Private Property

Scatterlot vs. Preplanned Subdivision:

  • The sunshine state beckons, and you've set your sights on building your dream home in a vibrant Southeast Florida subdivision. But before the blueprints come alive, one of the very first steps is a crucial decision: building within an HOA versus seeking a scatterlot property. Both options offer distinct advantages and disadvantages, and understanding them is key to a smooth journey.

  • Scatterlot: Embrace the freedom of designing your home from scratch on a unique lot. However, you'll shoulder the responsibility for securing utilities, permits, and potentially infrastructure development. While offering greater individualization, the process can be more complex and time-consuming, and generally costlier due to these additional requirements. Some scatterlot builders require you to already own the land before they begin construction.

  • Preplanned Subdivision: Benefit from the convenience of existing infrastructure and amenities, often including pools, clubhouses, and landscaping. HOAs ensure uniformity and maintain property values, but come with restrictions on design and modifications. Preplanned communities typically come with a premium price tag compared to scatterlots, reflecting the established infrastructure and amenities.

Suburban Homes

Buyer Beware:
The Hidden Costs of Builder Incentives in New Construction

Building your dream home in Southeast Florida can be a dream come true, but venturing into new construction without the right guidance can be like walking into a minefield: hidden costs, missed opportunities, and potential headaches lurk around every corner.

That's where American Paradise Properties comes in, acting as your trusted advisor and advocate throughout the entire process. We're like the aspirin to your new construction headache, alleviating the pain points and ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey towards your dream home.

Builders often entice buyers with seemingly attractive incentives, but these can come with unforeseen consequences that could impact your dream home for years to come. One major concern lies in the builder's preferred vendors:

  • Handpicked Lenders: These lenders might offer discounted rates or closing cost assistance, but they may not always have the most competitive terms in the broader market. Using them gives the builder control over the financing process, potentially benefiting them more than you.

  • In-House Title Companies: Builders often push their preferred title companies, creating a seemingly streamlined process. However, this can limit your choice and potentially inflate closing costs as you lose the ability to negotiate fees or explore other options.

Why is this important?

  • Limited Flexibility: Relying on the builder's chosen vendors restricts your ability to shop around and compare rates, potentially leading to higher costs for your loan and title insurance.

  • Potential Conflicts of Interest: The builder's financial ties to these vendors can create a conflict of interest. They may push these services, even if they aren't the most suitable or cost-effective option for you.

  • Limited Transparency: The lack of transparency surrounding these preferred vendor relationships can leave you uncertain about the true value you're receiving for your money.

Don't let the complexities of new construction give you a headache! American Paradise Properties is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring you make informed decisions, secure the best possible deals, and avoid hidden costs.


Top 10 Ways
American Paradise Properties
New Home Buyers:

  1. Unbiased Guidance: We prioritize your needs, not the builder's, ensuring you make informed decisions throughout the process.

  2. Market Expertise: We leverage our local knowledge to help you find the right community and builder that aligns with your budget and preferences.

  3. Expert Negotiation: We negotiate on your behalf to secure the best possible terms on your home, including price, upgrades, and closing costs.

  4. Contract Review & Advocacy: We meticulously review builder contracts, highlighting potential concerns and advocating for fair and balanced terms to protect your interests.

  5. Builder Reputation Research: We provide insights into the builder's track record for quality construction, customer service, and honoring warranties.

  6. Construction Monitoring: We can help maintain communication with the builder, ensuring adherence to the construction schedule and addressing any concerns promptly.

  7. Flood Insurance Navigation: We guide you through flood insurance requirements and ensure your standard homeowner's policy covers potential construction issues.

  8. Financing Assistance: We connect you with reputable lenders to help you secure the best possible financing options for your new home.

  9. Homeowner Education: We provide ongoing education and resources throughout the building process, empowering you to make informed decisions at every step.

  10. Post-Closing Support: We remain available to answer questions and address any concerns even after you close on your new home.

How American Paradise Properties

Gets Compensated:

Transparency Matters

Transparency is crucial in real estate. Here's how American Paradise Properties works with builders:

  • Builder Compensation: Builders often include a commission for real estate agents in their pricing structure. This commission does not change the price of the home for you. It helps us provide expert guidance throughout the building process.

  • Fiduciary Duty: Despite this builder relationship, our fiduciary duty remains with you. We work tirelessly to ensure your needs are prioritized and represented throughout the transaction.


Shaking Hands

Lets get started

Why is it crucial to have American Paradise Properties by your side from the very first visit to a new home site? Imagine walking into a maze blindfolded – that's what navigating the intricacies of new construction can feel like without an experienced guide. We'll be your flashlight, illuminating the path ahead, highlighting potential roadblocks, and ensuring your voice is heard from the get-go.


Don't embark on this journey alone. Let American Paradise Properties be your trusted partner, ensuring your dream home becomes a reality, not a source of frustration. Contact us today and let's turn your vision into a reality, together.

Just call and let one of our team know ahead of time, and we will go over your options and meet you at the site or subdivision.

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