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Our agents are devoted to delivering outstanding service throughout the entire process and will do so in a way that reduces the amount of stress for you.


Setting the right price

The goal of every seller is to sell for as much money as possible. Right? It’s tempting to overprice. After all, there’s always a chance you might knock one out of the park right?

Technically, the answer is yes, however that does not mean that listing a higher price than everyone else is a viable strategy. In fact, there are a multitude of explanations as to why testing the market with a higher price could be a problem.


To begin, pricing too high is not recommended, as it could result in selling other neighborhood homes for less, instead of yours. Keep in mind that not everybody is not a fan of negotiation. Some sellers intentionally over price their property as it offers space to bargain, but the reality is that if a potential buyer is already out of their budget, no negotiating will be possible.


Another factor to bear in mind is that certain companies may be willing to accept any price you name, in an effort to get the opportunity to sell your home, but we at American Paradise Properties feel that does nothing more than waste the sellers time. We take the time to review recent sales in the area to accurately depict what is the true value of your home. 

Last, but not least, appraisals have an influential role in this process. By definition it is essentially an "opinion or estimate of value." It is important because it protects the sellers investment. It's also there to help keep home values from rising beyond reasonable limits. And, also to ensure that the buyer does not pay more than the home is actually worth. In other words, a win/win for everyone.

A working example: If a buyer and seller agree to a price, 

and, the appraiser ( Who is sent by the buyers bank ) determines the value is LESS than the agreed on price, the bank lending the buyer the money to buy the home is under no obligation to continue with the loan. Which basically means the the buyer and seller are back to renegotiating. Or, the deal crashes.

We at American Paradise Properties, believe that when working for a seller, we encourage them to price the home right based on recent sales ( taking all home improvements into consideration ). In this way we can head off the possibility of an appraisal that comes in too low. 

And, when working for the buyer to offer a reasonable price for the home. In this way its a win / win for everyone.


Simply contact us and we will happily prepare a comparative market analysys specifically for your home. This will show you what your home is worth today. No charge..No kidding

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“The Most Important Step

In Selling a Home

Is Price.”

Carroll Bostic


We Only Use The Latest In 

Real Estate Technology

To Sell Your Home



At American Paradise Properties, you can count on receiving more than a reliable and knowledgeable real estate agent. Our agents take advantage of the cutting-edge technology available in the real estate industry today. Transactions and contracts can be conducted without paperwork, and houses can be bought and sold just using a smartphone. In the same way that microwaves were once a technological breakthrough, this type of innovation is the wave of the future. With the help of modern technology, our agents are more productive and can help save you time and money.


Why List With American Paradise Properties 

After utilizing over half a century of experience, plus consulting with some of the nation's most successful real estate agents, we've come up with a remarkable system for selling homes quickly and for great returns. You must see it to believe it - come and find out why we are so successful in our field.


  • Our listings  sell 28.57% faster because we price it RIGHT.

  • Our homes sell for more money.

  • Others may charge less because they know they’re worth less.

  • We focus our marketing efforts where people are looking today. Internet, social media, high definition property videos.

  • Office phones answered 9 to 5 by live people-not voicemail.

  • Accurate pricing - We take great care to make sure you’re priced right.  

  • Smaller company! This means you don't get lost in the shuffle and get the personal service you deserve.

  • Internet experts - We teach our agents how to sell using the Internet.

  • We will happily take you behind the scenes to get your home sold.

  • We negotiate better - Years of training, education, and experience pays off for our clients.

  • Our top agents are all over 20 years in the business.

  • We communicate with you every step of the way.

  • We offer the personal touch - We’re not too busy for you.

  • Technology - We utilize the latest technology to attract buyers to your home.

  • We care.














Put our experience and dedication to work for you.

We will exceed your expectations.

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