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American Paradise Properties agents provide excellent service at every step, and get better results with less headaches for you.


Setting the right price

The goal of every seller is to sell for as much money as possible. Right? It’s tempting to overprice. After all, there’s always a chance you might knock one out of the park. Right, Right?

Technically, yes. But that doesn’t mean putting it on the market at a higher price than the market tells us it should sell for is a good strategy. In fact, there are many reasons not to test the waters with a higher price initially.

1. When you price too high, you’re helping sell the other homes in the neighborhood that have listed for less except for the most important one ..YOURS. After seeing your high-priced home, buyers may be eager to get the better-value house nearby — even if they liked your home better. 

2. Not everyone likes to negotiate.

A common reason sellers price high is that it leaves room for negotiation. The problem with this tactic? If buyers overlook your house because it’s out of their budget, there will be no one to negotiate with.

3. Other companies may agree to any price you want just to get the opportunity to sell your home. Not so with American Paradise Properties. We always run recent sales. Always within the last 6 months, and show you them before we agree to list your home. In this way, we can show you with hard facts what top dollar really is for your specific home. 

4. People won’t even see your home.

Lets face it. Most folks are using tech to set up search parameters by price when looking online for a home.

Let’s say your house is worth $319,000, but you’re asking $330,000. You won’t capture buyers who search for houses within the $300,000 to $325,000 range. “But if the house were priced properly, it would show up in the buyer’s search results.”

5. The house won’t appraise at the high price

An appraisal by definition is an opinion is an or estimate of value. Therefore if the home won't appraise the buyer financing will not be able to purchase your home because their bank will not lend them the money because the value is not there.  Everyone loses in that scenario.

 So to sum up:

- Realistic pricing will achieve maximum price in a reasonable time.
- Your cost or profit desire is irrelevant; the market determines the price.
- Houses that remain on the market for a long time do not get shown.
- A house that is priced right from the beginning achieves the highest proceeds.                           


Simply contact us and we will happily prepare a comparative market analysys specifically for your home. This will show you what your home is worth today. No charge..No kidding

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“The Most Important Step

In Selling a Home

Is Price.”

Carroll Bostic


We Only Use The Latest In 

Real Estate Technology

To Sell Your Home



When American Paradise Properties helps you, you are not just getting a competent agent you can rely on, but a tech savvy agent using the best in Real Estate technology today. Everything from paperless contracts and transactions, to being able to buy and sell homes using no more than a smartphone. It is the way of the future just like "microwave ovens" were back in the 1960's. Our agents capitalized on the new technology and are able to be more productive thus saving you more time and money.


Why List With American Paradise Properties 

We’ve put together a home selling system so remarkable you have to see to believe.  Our system is based upon our own 54+ years combined experience, plus interviews with other top producing agents from all over the country. Together we’ve come up with a system to sell your home fast and for top dollar. Let us show you and decide for yourself. There’s a reason we sell so many homes. 


  • Our listings  sell 28.57% faster because we price it RIGHT.

  • Our homes sell for more money.

  • Others may charge less because they know they’re worth less.

  • We focus our marketing efforts where people are looking today. Internet, social media, high definition property videos.

  • Office phones answered 9 to 5 by live people-not voicemail.

  • Accurate pricing - We take great care to make sure you’re priced right.  

  • Smaller company! This means you don't get lost in the shuffle and get the personal service you deserve.

  • Internet experts - We teach our agents how to sell using the Internet.

  • We will happily take you behind the scenes to get your home sold.

  • We negotiate better - Years of training, education, and experience pays off for our clients.

  • Our top agents are all over 20 years in the business.

  • We communicate with you every step of the way.

  • We offer the personal touch - We’re not too busy for you.

  • Technology - We utilize the latest technology to attract buyers to your home.

  • We care.














Put our experience and dedication to work for you.

We will exceed your expectations.

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