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Property Management

Made Easy


Outstanding!!! You’ve worked hard to build your real estate business.
Each property you add to your portfolio should feel like a brand new employee ready to bring income into your business. But why doesn’t it?

It’s those pesky day-to-day issues you have to deal with in managing the homes that makes you feel as though you’re working for the properties... rather than the properties working for you when it comes to managing them.

We understand. That’s where we come in...With our management services, you can get back to doing what you love to do, which is what we do best!

How we’re different:
● We know your budget is a priority, so we keep our fees among the
lowest in the industry at only 10% of monthly rent.

● There are no setup fees or charges during vacancies which

also helps keep your fees low.

● Iron Clad Documents - Because we believe in keeping your rights
protected, so to ensure your safety we have our attorneys draft all our leases and eviction paperwork.

Here, we handle everything from leasing and screening, to financial record keeping and bill paying... Your only job is to read your statement and receive your monthly check!

To schedule a free consultation, contact us today

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