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Policies DURING PandemicS

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We understand this is a unique time, and we want to ensure everyone involved in home showings feels safe and comfortable. Here are some steps we're taking to make the process smooth and stress-free:

Before the Showing:

  • Virtual First: We encourage browsing pictures and virtual tours to limit unnecessary in-person visits.

  • Pre-Approved Buyers: Only serious buyers with pre-qualification letters will be invited to view the property.

  • Safety Gear: Everyone, regardless of the property's occupancy, will need to wear masks and potentially gloves for safety.

  • Appointments Only: No open houses - individual appointments allow fewer people at a time.

  • Open Communication: Both seller and potential buyers are asked to disclose any COVID-19 concerns.

  • Limited Numbers: Only essential participants attend the showing. Buyers wait comfortably in their vehicles until their turn.

  • Prepped and Ready: For occupied properties, the seller helps by opening doors, cabinets, and turning on lights before leaving. Unoccupied properties will be prepped by our team.

During the Showing:

  • Six Feet Apart: We'll all maintain a safe distance, no handshakes please!

  • Small Groups: Limited attendees ensure everyone feels comfortable.

  • Hygiene First: Hand washing/sanitizing, removing shoes/using booties, masks/gloves are mandatory.

  • Respectful Browsing: We kindly ask everyone to avoid touching surfaces like doorknobs and switches.

  • Restroom Reminder: Restrooms aren't available for use during the showing.

  • Digital Handoff: No sharing pens or paperwork - information will be shared electronically later.

  • Seller's Comfort: We follow any additional safety requests from the seller.

After the Showing:

  • Cleaning Crew: Touched surfaces will be sanitized as requested by the seller. We encourage thorough disinfection after the showing.

  • Safe Communication: Follow-up discussions happen outside or virtually, maintaining social distancing.

  • Paperless Process: No paper documents - everything is shared electronically afterwards.

  • Clean Hands: Hand sanitizer is a must before getting back in your vehicle.

  • Contact Tracing: We maintain a detailed log of interactions for safety purposes.

By working together, we can ensure a safe and positive experience for everyone involved in home showings. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask!


Let's make this a smooth and comfortable experience for everyone! Here are some simple steps we'll take during your showing:

Safe Space, Happy Space:

  • We'll all be social butterflies from afar, keeping a friendly 6-foot distance. (No handshakes for now, but air high-fives are encouraged!)

  • It's a small group gathering! Only a few key players will be invited to explore the wonderfulness of this property.

  • Cleanliness is next to awesomeness! Everyone will give their hands a quick spa treatment with sanitizer, slip on some comfy booties, and rock those stylish face masks (gloves are welcome too!).

  • Let's admire with our eyes, not our touch. We'll kindly ask everyone to resist the urge to high-five the light switches or hug the doorknobs.

  • Restrooms are calling elsewhere! We'll save those pitstops for another time.

  • Sharing is caring, but not pens or phones! We'll stick to virtual handshakes and information exchanges later.

  • Feeling extra cautious? The seller has complete say, so let us know if there's anything else we can do to ensure comfort.

After the Fun:

  • We'll give any touched surfaces a good scrub-a-dub-dub with disinfectant (just like the seller might want to do at their own pace too!).

  • The key and lockbox get their own mini spa treatment with sanitizer wipes.

  • Let's chat outside or virtually, keeping that safe distance a priority. Phone or email works too!

  • Paperwork? Nah, we'll send everything electronically so you can browse at your leisure.

  • Hand sanitizer is our post-showing BFF!

  • We'll keep a detailed log of interactions, just in case (think of it as a guest list for superheroes!).

Remember, safety and comfort are our top priorities. Let's work together to make this a positive and stress-free experience!


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